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SS Winners Hall of Fame

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Winners Hall of Fame


1st place: :iconmardefune: with
2nd place: :iconsouthernwriter2: with


1st place: :iconmeloannechen: with
2nd place: :iconlugal: with
3rd place: :icona-wakefield: with…


1st place: :iconbonfirelights: with
2nd place: :iconsouthernwriter2: with
3rd place: :iconrhaevyn: with


1st place: :iconmardefune: with
2nd place: :iconwhippedblueicecream: with
3rd place: :iconnicolaigrey: with


1st place: :iconsouthernwriter2: with
2nd place: :iconwhippedblueicecream: with
3rd place: :icondobbyscookiesock: with


1st place: :iconypplejax: with
2nd place: :iconlugal: with
3rd place: :iconnicolaigrey: with


1st place: :iconlugal: with
2nd place: :iconsouthernwriter2: with
3rd place: :iconbrodskales: with


- 1st place: :iconmodji-33: with
- 2nd place: :iconkt-munson: with
- 3rd place: :iconpeacekeeperd: with


- 1st place: :iconlugal: with
- 2nd place: :iconareksandura: with
- 3rd place: :iconanimaraven: with


Last quarters winners, and this quarters contest!

A big round of applause :clap: to our writers brodskales, Koahara, PeaceKeeperd, clara-01, SarcasticCupcake5, Lugal, NicolaiGrey, lobo-sapiens, SouthernWriter2, and Jettrainfan
Their stories are located>…

*Special note to the SS2 winner - your book trailer is still in post, editing for VFX.  (lots of VFX for a futuristic destopian)
To catch a short preview of what is in store visit:…

Below in this order: SS3 Reviews: SS3 Winners Announcement: SS4 Contest Rules and Deadlines

SS3 Reviews:

“Waltz at the Dark Ball” by Jettrainfan at
Strangely poetic, Waltz at the Dark Ball definitely has a rhythm to the way it was written.  There were a few word plays that tripped me up, mostly in the beginning, and particularly this one line: “Fading paint describes a portrait of nature by a five year old and a keyhole is drilled in where the tree’s heart once was.”  Otherwise the rest of the visual references fell in to place.  By the time we reach what might be considered the second stanza if this were a song (and given the pacing, I’m rather inclined to think in its own way, it is) the story falls into place and finally takes form.  There is dark magic involved when it comes to Matthew’s invitation.  The unsuspecting victims are lured in by the fantasy and take us as the readers along for the ride.  The tension builds, there are some fantastic moments when he revisits imagery from earlier on and brings it full circle in a clever way (as is done when he mentions not stepping on the rats/butlers tail).  I’d recommend combing through it a bit for formatting/editing, but the content itself is quite nice and it’s always a pleasure to read a new writer’s penmanship in these contests!

“Darkest Midnight” by SouthernWriter2 at
I enjoy seeing new chapters to old contest entries, and Darkest Midnight is one of those continuation pieces.  We get to revisit Casey, Donnie and Rosita from Sean’s “Associate” entry a few quarters ago.  Welcome back to the Italian Mafia, welcome back to the streets of New York!  Sean has an incredible talent that not every writer possesses, and that’s his affinity for details.  He does his research for every subject he tackles, he studies the language, the ‘rules’, and the very nature of whatever universe he enters before putting the story he wants to tell on paper. I marveled before at his detective stories in 2013, and I marveled again at the fluidity and the authenticity in his Scarpa mafia shorts as well.  The relationship between Rosita and Casey is well paced, and came to a satisfying ending at the completion of this entry. The serial killer motive and tactics as well as the inner workings of the police officer had believable depth and credibility, there was phenomenal research shared through exposition with the college professor without coming across as blatantly obvious.  And at no point did I get the feeling that any of the information was overkill.  The only thing I can say I would have liked more of in this contest entry, was an added layer of depth to the character Donnie, but that pales in comparison to the rest.

“Forgotten” by lobo-sapiens at
The formatting for this entry could use a little tweaking mainly where the dialogue was missing quotations.  Knowing that English is not the author’s first language, I applaud their ability to write a short story in English, even considering some misused.  Instead of “a perfect reflex of myself” it should say “a perfect reflection,” or “a perfect resemblance.”  The plot was really interesting, I like the idea of a forgetfulness epidemic.  Odin’s original suspicions about poison or a contagion at first seemed really unrealistic and farfetched, but after it appeared to spread to Cosmin, it was easier to suspend disbelief.  Cosmin’s ‘test’ only asked two questions seemed sort of weak to me, but maybe that’s because she didn’t really want to find the truth.  The incorporation of Hades hounds was a nice touch, both times they were used.  Overall cool concept, a little difficult to read because of the wording but still a creative fantasy! Well done!

“Words of Creation” by NicolaiGrey at
Nicolai returns with a fascinating exploration fantasy.  The description of the ruins are enough to be interesting without being overkill, which I genuinely appreciate as a reader.  The suggestion that this ancient city could have been human made or otherwise hints at a sci-fi or fantasy; not much later in the text the mention of an Elvish race leans in fantasies favor.  Aleda’s spell casting to decipher the ancient script on the monument suggests even more fantasy elements.  I loved the incorporation of the fey and the Silvian language.  There was a small instance of redundancy in the middle where it reads: “he made his way down the old stone steps his plated mail armour clicked loudly as he descended the stone steps.”  The sentence could end after the word loudly, to avoid repetition.   The translation of the script and its prophecy were intriguing, but perhaps too involve to satisfy in a short story since we never reach the pentacle.  The fight scene as written was well constructed and the characters were interesting. The unique dialects to each trope were consistent.  There is room for many more chapters to be written onto the end of this one.  Great job Nicolai taking inspiration from the D&D players handbook.  keep up the great work!

“The Forgotten” by Lugal at
Right off the bat we get a sense of when and where this story takes place just by reading the first scene description (setting and wardrobe) and the slang within the dialogue.  There are other indicators too, like Heather trying to buy the latest Bon Jovi or John Lennon cassette tape.  That was established just in time to shake things up, and do a little dimensional time and space travel. We wake up in a clinical room with multiple Heathers, all sporting different time period apparel.   Before the creepy doctor ‘things’ can do anything to cassette-tape Heather, the Calvary rushes in.  Suddenly we have heroes and villains, and a common tragedy tying them all together.  The inclusion of a lifetime tapestry was really cool and I could imagine it quite clearly thanks to the descriptions.  I like where this idea is going and the execution was well done in writing it.  I see a lot of potential to flesh this out even more and to really take your time with what you have between these pages and what’s still stewing in your brain.  The consistency with 1988 Heather’s speech patterns, slang, behaviors and wardrobe show great attention to detail.  The twist at the end, and the self-fulfilling-prophecy kind of notion were nicely constructed.  I would love to read more of this conflict between the Precluders and the refugees.  

“A Case Not Yet Forgotten” by SarcasticCupcake5 at
This story seemed kind of sad to me, in the sense that it very closely resembles real world tragedy when children are kidnapped and there is nothing to be done except find and bury their dead bodies.  The fact that one of them survived the kidnappers ‘tests’ long enough to conduct them on a new generation reminded me a lot of the SAW series of movies… not that I watched them all that closely.  There is a little bit of redundancy in the sentence “by now the kid would be completely under the spell of his captor by now...” and the sentence could stop right after the word captor to avoid repetition.  While the mystery gets resolved in the end, there is still a bitter after taste because so many lives are permanently scarred (as can be expected in a real world scenario as well).  The only redeeming aspect (spoiler alert!) is that the inspector who was unable to close the case for 11 years finally found his resolution and was able to convince his wife to come home.  The formatting was well done and the descriptions throughout were seamlessly implanted in the text to create fully-fledged visual references.  I suspect this will be one of those stories that sticks with me long after I read it because of how tragic it really was.

“Forgotten Memory” by clara-01 at
The shock factor in the beginning is a great way to grab your audience’s attention.  The doctor’s summary of what happened is a quick and easy way to give the readers exposition into the story, but it came across a bit rushed, as if he was giving the patient too much information too fast, and without any consideration for how each new piece of information might make the man feel. If someone told me I was in a car crash that broke my back, I think I’d want a moment to process that before he also mentioned I was sunk into a comma for 9 months due to an additional head injury.  A simple fix would be to break up the dialogue with some reactions from the patient. Otherwise, the rest of the doctor’s dialogue was believable and fitting to the situation.  There was no mention of how he recovered so instantaneously from 9 months of immobility, without the obstacles of atrophy, building up strength in his back around the breaking point or fracture, etc.  Injuries aside, what really got me was the article written by the mysterious contact who kept him plugged in during his comma, and the dreamscaping multiverse Project “spider”.  There seemed to be a fair amount of research put into the therapist and his approach to recovering these memories which gave the story a more concrete feel and added legitimacy.  I was completely sucked into the story by the time I reached the end, and scrolled immediately to the writers comments to see if she mentioned anything about writing more.  (she does!)  Excellent story, exciting hook, and I can’t wait to see what else is in store!

“Time (Forgotten)” by PeaceKeeperd at
There is a lot of colorful imagery painted in the first few paragraphs to give us a sense of our setting and main character.  I thought the morning routine was a little too drawn out but not by much.  The dialogue between Jewel and her father before she left for school seemed unnecessary, and didn’t add anything to the story for me.  The Terminator conversation on the way to school in the beginning tipped off the mirrored story line you were going for with this one.  The witty banter between Jewel and Mr. Foote was entertaining, I struggled a little with the way Mr. F was openly discussing his students dating lives like a gossipy teen, but their convo did give me a better look at Jewel’s personality.  A lot of the dialogue was a bit unnatural as the characters were telling rather than showing the story unfold.  Instead of writing “Even though I am terrified, I'll never tell you," in the dialogue… describe her terror, and then have her muster the courage to say “I’ll never tell you.”  It’s more believable this way.  The moment the robot boy(s) data-dumped Jewel and Charla’s Future inventor status on them behind the school dance, the rest of the story loses its originality and I didn’t have much to anticipate since I already knew how the ‘terminator’ storyline plays out.  I think we’re missing some key reactions from Jewel; when she realizes the boy she was trying to ‘help’ is a robot soldier and when she beats a man to death but we did have a genuine emotional moment from Jewel when (spoiler alert) she finds her dead father and perhaps that grief propels her to be so ruthless.  There is a LOT packed into this story and it gives us a lot to think about.  The core characters are just enough to be interesting, without being too many to follow.  I think P.K. continues to step up as a writer, improving each quarter whether it’s an original idea or an adaptation.    Adaptations require a certain level of fitness and I think that is something P.K. is quickly mastering.

“Things You’d Rather Unsee” by Koahara at
Breaking away from all of the Forgotten inspired entries, Koa based hers on the Darkest Midnight cover.  The opening is well focused and deceptively simplified.  The writing style comes to life in the narrative.  Riley’s motive and the predicament sets us up for a adventure that seems both mundane and mysterious at the same time.  The scope of this short story was perfectly fitted to the requirements for the contest, and the pacing of the story was well measured.  The characters dialogue, curiosity, and behaviors matched their youthful age and made for a believable plot arc.  I loved both the inclusion of the cover title and the visual cues in the cover artwork.  The reveal at the end didn’t make a great deal of sense according to our perceptions of reality in the real world, but we are willing to suspend disbelief because of the cryptic, superstitious warnings planted by the elders in the beginning. “Things You’d Rather Unsee” was well thought out, skillfully constructed, and amusing to read.  

“Forgotten” by brodskales at
Stylistically iconic for this writer, “Forgotten” follows Aleš signature rhythm.  Modern, blunt visual cues ground us in present time with words like Tumblr, Hipster, and Prius.  I do not understand why the street name and drug dealer’s names were censored.  I’m not sure that either matter, but there should be a reason behind our mechanisms as writers.  I thought that Tubs freestyling rap to his ex was a clever way to give readers a look into the central characters past and present.  In just a couple crass lyrics, we learn that Tub’s ex girlfriend left him for and got married to a woman.  He feels like he isn’t half the man he was in 1982, and that he’s wasted time focusing on financial success, and now all he wants is to get high and get laid before he gets arrested.  I didn’t realize this was a dark comedy until (spoiler alert!) the white van open fired on Tubs and the man who offered to give him what he wanted (despite not being his ex girlfriend), and Tubs dropped to the ground dead.  Not sure if the necrophilia that followed was supposed to be ‘granting his last wish’ or just plain rape.  True to his other quarterly entries, Aleš seizes another opportunity to make a political statement about race issues before coming to an end… completing his submission with the title of both the cover and its literary companion, “Forgotten”.

With so many talented writers this quarter, narrowing it down to three winners was incredibly hard.  I thoroughly enjoy reading everyone’s work and find each quarter to be a new inspiration for each successive season.  I hope that the rest of our community here at Writers-Guild-DA do too.  Please know that you all rocked my socks this round, and even if you’re icon isn’t listed below in the top 3, your work was still an amazing piece of art and I hope you keep pursuing your writing and come back for future quarters!

The SS3 of 2015 contest winners!

- 1st place: :iconsouthernwriter2: with  
- 2nd place: :iconlugal: with  
- 3rd place: :iconjettrainfan: with

The prizes for this quarter are as follows:

1) 60 DA Points
2) Featured in the Writers-Guild-DA journals
3) Featured on the Writers-Guild-DA wall under winners hall of fame
4) Special 3rd Quarter of 2015  "Book Trailer"

1) 30 DA Points
2) Featured in the Writers-Guild-DA journals
3) Featured on the Writers-Guild-DA wall under winners hall of fame

1) 10 DA Points
2) Featured in the Writers-Guild-DA journals
3) Featured on the Writers-Guild-DA wall under winners hall of fame

2015 SS4 - Schedule of Events:  

Submission Starting Date: Oct 7th Submission Deadline:  Dec 7th
Review and Award Reveal Date: Winners will be announced by Dec 31st, and we will begin the 1st quarterly challenge of 2016!!!


The Lightning Strike by Comical1 The Lightning Strikes 2015SS4 Cover by Comical1 and The 11th King by Comical1


All entries have to follow these rules:
1) No fewer than 1,000 word count | No more than 10,000 word count, based on the image of the quarter (writers choice of two pre-made covers each quarter).
2) The title of the cover you select needs to appear somewhere in the body of the text for your entry to count toward the contest.
3) Must mention contest its being submitted for in the deviation description.
4) All entries must be submitted to the SS Comp Entries album in the group gallery.
You choose one of the two covers and write a short story around it that meets the 4 rules (the 4th rule tells you where to submit it).  If you win, you are awarded the prizes listed for your placement (1st, 2nd, or 3rd).  No covers are awarded. We award short story reviews, DA points, and free publicity via journal announcements about your work.

The prizes for the 4th quarter are as follows:
1) 60 DA Points
2) Featured in the Writers-Guild-DA journals
3) Featured on the Writers-Guild-DA wall under winners hall of fame

1) 30 DA Points
2) Featured in the Writers-Guild-DA journals
3) Featured on the Writers-Guild-DA wall under winners hall of fame

1) 10 DA Points
2) Featured in the Writers-Guild-DA journals
3) Featured on the Writers-Guild-DA wall under winners hall of fame

Important Information about the timeline
I know most if not all of our contestants are always anxious to hear the results, so I felt a little breakdown of how the timing is planned was in order:
-There is a reason why everything is spaced out exactly the way it is. Firstly, each contest last 3 months total, making it possible to have 4 quarters per year.
-The writing and entry portion of the contest last the first 2 months, providing ample time to contestants to get their entries finished
-The judging portion of the contest last 1 month, allowing the judge(s) time to read all the entries and make a fair decision for the winners
-Prizes other than DA Points are awarded between the day the winners are announced and the end of the following quarter *DA Points are awarded immediately

-ALL aspects of the breakdown per quarter provide excess time for irl issues that can and do come up. (Not just for the contestants, but for the host as well)

:winner: :winner: :winner: :winner: :winner: :winner: :winner: :winner: :winner: :winner: :winner: :winner: :winner: :winner:
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Dear writers, 

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SurgeCreations Featured By Owner 9 hours ago  Student General Artist
It's certainly a concern.

The way I deal with this is the reality that there is no such thing as a "truly 100% unique idea". Every idea, to its core, has been influenced by nature or already-existing ideas.

It's simply up to the creator to make something unique through their own idiom. A storyteller derives fiction through some bit of truth, just through their own perspective, their own experience and whatever ideas they feel like integrating.

So fiction, to me, carries some reflection of the writer. And it is the writer that makes a story unique and interesting.
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hey! i would love to help you! i dont know if you're still in need of help, but just send me a note with whatever doubts you have! i've been writing fanfictions for almost a year now and original works for almost 4
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i will be glad to help if I can, I am just not good when it comes to editing, but my creative mind is brilliant some people say.
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I am looking for a way to be more creative in my descriptions, such as scene and emotions. I seem to have trouble at times filling in descriptions between dialouge
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