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SS Winners Hall of Fame

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Winners Hall of Fame


1st place: :iconmardefune: with
2nd place: :iconsouthernwriter2: with


1st place: :iconmeloannechen: with
2nd place: :iconlugal: with
3rd place: :icona-wakefield: with…


1st place: :iconbonfirelights: with
2nd place: :iconsouthernwriter2: with
3rd place: :iconrhaevyn: with


1st place: :iconmardefune: with
2nd place: :iconwhippedblueicecream: with
3rd place: :iconnicolaigrey: with


1st place: :iconsouthernwriter2: with
2nd place: :iconwhippedblueicecream: with
3rd place: :icondobbyscookiesock: with


1st place: :iconypplejax: with
2nd place: :iconlugal: with
3rd place: :iconnicolaigrey: with


1st place: :iconlugal: with
2nd place: :iconsouthernwriter2: with
3rd place: :iconbrodskales: with


- 1st place: :iconmodji-33: with
- 2nd place: :iconkt-munson: with
- 3rd place: :iconpeacekeeperd: with


- 1st place: :iconlugal: with
- 2nd place: :iconareksandura: with
- 3rd place: :iconanimaraven: with


Reviews and Awards for SS1 of 2016!



A Mystical Something by Comical1 and Blue Phoenix by Comical1

All entries have to follow these rules:
1) No fewer than 1,000 word count | No more than 10,000 word count, based on the image of the quarter (writers choice of two pre-made covers each quarter).
2) The title of the cover you select needs to appear somewhere in the body of the text for your entry to count toward the contest.
3) Must mention contest its being submitted for in the deviation description.
4) All entries must be submitted to the SS Comp Entries album in the group gallery.
You choose one of the two covers and write a short story around it that meets the 4 rules (the 4th rule tells you where to submit it).  If you win, you are awarded the prizes listed for your placement (1st, 2nd, or 3rd).  No covers are awarded. We award short story reviews, DA points, and free publicity via journal announcements about your work.

A big round of applause :clap: to our writers brodskales, clara-01, SouthernWriter2 Lugal, and PeaceKeeperd !
Their stories are located>…

SS1 Reviews:

“A Mystical Something” by brodskales at
For newcomers to Aleš work, please note: to be taken with a grain of salt.  Lots of opportunities to find this entry offensive - especially when it demonizes the messiah.  Freedom of speech and creative license is afforded to all entrants. and while I would not personally take such liberties with a religious figure as Aleš has done, I defer to rule 45 of the internet: If there is not, there will be. So even if I wouldn't, someone else would. Here is that someone else... That being said, looking at the entry from a constructive angle, I feel the need to point out that despite breaking the fourth wall and announcing the search for a plot, none was ever discovered.  The line, "this story needs some filler, only 883 words otherwise. Let's go do some hood rat shit" pretty much summarized this story for me.  It was all filler, escalating vulgarity for the sake of shock value and no story arc was ever realized.  Aleš has two incredible gifts I think as a writer: 1) he can come up with something on-the-spot! He writes his entries incredibly fast and with what seems to be little effort. 2) He's a talented lyricist when it comes to creating rhythms and rhymes.  While that natural talent is nice to showcase, he needs to hone his story telling and do a little research and practice with discovering the parts of a story, understanding plot and arc, and learn how to incorporate them into his writing.  These are some things I would love to see him grow into for future entries to the SS competition!

“The Arkesyyan Chronicles - The Library” by clara-01 at
Samantha returns with a sequel to her previous piece.  In the last installment we were given the impression of this mysterious library belonging to the Arkesyyan’s.  In this quarters entry we get to visit the famed establishment and the way she’s given life to it certainly lives up to the expectations of its grander.  I think one of the strengths of this chapter compared to the other is the use of fewer species.  Before it was incredibly hard to keep them all straight, especially when introduced in such quick succession.  Here we’re able to focus on three main races: The Arkesyyan’s, the Lyra’s… or Vegan’s (which made me laugh when I realized they were fruit farming wolf-like creatures), and the Shiakar’s.  Overall, I would say the story Samantha is trying to tell is much bigger than a short story – and I think it reads better when she tackles it in chapters like this one, where she can take her time and resolve pieces of the story at a more comfortable pace. It also allows for the readers to get to know and care about the characters before they leap into action.  I empathize with Myzryel and his daughter, and I felt for the fate of Vega B.  I also appreciate the limitations in her Sci-Fi universe that she placed on the Shiakar.  It felt like a cozy look at the universe from a safe distance, seated inside an unshakable force-field.   Samantha ties up these threads of the story nicely while still leading us on to something bigger.

“Blue Phoenix” by SouthernWriter2 at
The chase was definitely a great way to start off. We learn more about Ed’s appearance than Joseph’s but that’s ok.  The girl from the cover this entry was based on makes a surprising appearance as a flashback, and later we learn her role in all of this (but I’ll leave it up to you to read and find out).  The content of the story reminds me a lot of Erin Brockovich (a movie based on a true story about a legal assistant who took down the PG&E corporation for pollution.  The ending did feel a bit rushed, although it still made sense and was a reasonable outcome, it came around a bit too quickly and there wasn’t much of a story arc rise and fall.  By the time we understood what was actually going on and what the stakes were, it was already over and the characters just kind of went with it.  The struggle for the plot could have been bigger, the struggle in the chase was nicely detailed, but the ‘why’, the point of the story didn’t deliver much of an impact.  I do understand that Sean’s been experiencing some pretty extreme situations in his own life so by no means is this a negative criticism of his capabilities, simply an observation of one short story written under a lot of stress and during a period of distraction.

“Blue Phoenix” by Lugal at
Interesting way to start things. At first I assumed (hah! My first mistake!) that this was going to be an elderly character – male or female – surveying the carelessness of modern society.  But at the mention of just how old the protagonist was… things quickly took a turn at sci-fi and fantasy.  Lizzie Blue and Quintus have nice chemistry and lots of fun witty dialogue in the flashback.  Flash forward to Maddy (her reincarnation?) and things get a little choppy. The need for a body guard made sense, but the leap of trustworthiness at a glance felt forced for the sake of pushing the plot.  I think it might have been ok for her to distrust him a little but under the circumstances – overlook that out of her need for help.  I believe that could have given an added level of believability to her character.  Quintus has more development.  His questions about how Maddy could be Lizzie from the past, down to the 8 in scar on her leg kept me guessing right along with him.  It’s fun trying to figure out a mystery before the protagonist does.  When I reached the part where Maddy reveals the truth – I can honestly say I did not see that coming! Even more so, the twist about how “it” works (not going to reveal what it is…) was pure genius. I definitely prefer Lizzy to Maddy (her speech is just too much fun!). The cop at the end took me back out of the story.  I get that he’s not who you think, but their reactions would have been a lot different because of his uncharacteristic choices for a police officer.  Either it was rushed, or force (or perhaps both) but always try to look at each character as fully dimensional and not as a plot device. If their behaviors don’t make sense, then I would recommend choosing another way to get your characters to their next destination. That of course is a minor technicality compared to all the creative genius involved in this story overall. And even though I already saluted the cleverness of Lizzy/Maddy’s mystery, I bet there’s a lot more to explore when we turn the spotlight on Quintus. Well done!

“Doom: Blue Pheonix” by PeaceKeeperd at
"I... I gotta tell ya somethin'." Rickman said to her.  "That was the dinky-di."  
"I have to tell you something, too." Atsumi responded.  "I can't understand half the things that come out of your mouth." My favorite exchange in this whole story because what Atsumi said is exactly what I’d been thinking the whole time reading this. Rickman has some creative ways of speaking but I could barely understand any of it.  Before we go any further, I implore you to click the link, read the story, and come back for the rest of this review. Did you read it? Ok good! Another fantastic futuristic sci-fi from PeaceKeeperd. I am not familiar with “DOOM” (I honestly don’t even know if this is a movie or a video game) but that didn’t stop me from understanding or enjoying the story so as a work of fanfiction (which I gather this is by the comments section) anyone can still enjoy it without knowing the source material.  There are a few technical errors that could be ironed out by going through the story one more time for edits, reading it out loud to find the awkward phrases also helps a lot. It’s incredible how much our brain will autocorrect in our heads when we read in our thoughts and miss the things that stand out as odd if we read them out loud.  I think we may have found someone’s niche here!  The pacing is nicely done, with a nice escalation of horror as the story progresses.  We start out with grotesque curiosity, ramp up to night terrors, and climax at full blown hell on Earth Mars.  The to-be-continued at the end leaves us on a cliffhanger but hopefully we’ll get to come back and read the rest in a later quarter.

There was a long hold up in getting these reviews published this round and I'd like to personally apologize for that.  The submissions as always were wonderful to read and I hope this community of writers continue to hone their craft!  We will be skipping the 2nd quarter of 2016 due to my own inability to commit the time to it because of other personal commitments, but I will be back to host the 3rd quarter of 2016!

The SS1 of 2016 contest winners!

- 1st place: :iconpeacekeeperd: with
- 2nd place: :iconlugal: with  
- 3rd place: :iconclara-01: with

The prizes for this quarter are as follows:
1) 60 DA Points
2) Featured in the Writers-Guild-DA journals
3) Featured on the Writers-Guild-DA wall under winners’ hall of fame

1) 30 DA Points
2) Featured in the Writers-Guild-DA journals
3) Featured on the Writers-Guild-DA wall under winner’s hall of fame

1) 10 DA Points
2) Featured in the Writers-Guild-DA journals
3) Featured on the Writers-Guild-DA wall under winner’s hall of fame

*book trailers are not being offered until we catch up on production of the last two.
In addition to the severe computer death epidemic I mentioned in the last journal – Our VFX editor for “Only A Whisper” has withdrawn from the project, forcing us to go backwards in the editing process and reassign work.  The issue has not yet been resolved but it is being looked at.  It is my goal to get this back to the Writers-Guild-DA Community and the author before we hit the 1-year anniversary of when it was awarded. The SS3 winner of 2015 SouthernWriter2 ’s trailer director (Moses Bernal) has taken more responsibility in IICoins Production and plans on spearheading “Darkest Midnight” independently of the “Only A Whisper” trailers’ progress.  Foresee the filming schedule taking place between May and June.
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